Snail Mail Art & Synergy


I was recently introduced to Donna Otter of Donna Otter Loves Snail Mail & So Do You by a friend on Facebook who described us as Kindred spirits.  What amazing synergy arises from such kinship.  We both want to see the arts take on greater and greater roles in shaping our culture but we also want it to build community, awareness of the environment and create a safe space for integrating wholeness.




We met for coffee and shared our dreams, projects we’re currently working on and what we want to see grow out of those projects in the future.  From this little beginning, we are finding common ground for collaboration, inspiration, shared resources for making manifestation of our dreams more concrete – more alive and real.  YES to synergy!




When such wonderful things happen – I just have to share the wonder and inspiration with others so yesterday, I hosted a Snail Mail Art Party..  I can’t describe how amazing it is to see women leave perfectionism behind, shed their fears, get lost in the flow and create something beautiful.  It was the quietest party I’d ever thrown!  Once everyone was in the flow, the room became almost Zen-like.  Music drifting in the background, reverently softened voices sharing stories…the atmosphere had become a safe container for letting go.




As my friends began, one by one, to leave – they each gave me a long hug and said it was just what they’d needed and they hadn’t realized just how much.   The best reward is to give something so precious to others.  Heart sings.

I can’t wait to do it again.





To learn more about Donna Otter and Mail Art, visit Donna’s Facebook page and website:



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