The Ritual of Creative Mojo


What ignites YOUR creative fire?

There are countless ways to feed the muse.  Every successful artist or writer has had some kind of ritual they perform in preparation for the creative task at hand.  Writer, Mary Popova describes a few of these rituals:

Daily Rituals: A Guided Tour of Writers’ and Artists’ Creative Habits

Mine is to start the day at 5:30 am, drink some coffee, practice twenty minutes of Vipassana meditation followed by a stream of consciousness entry into my journal and then work on whatever projects are in progress (usually several at a time).  Since life has a sneaky way of slipping in to distract me and morning is the only time I have available for art or writing, this ritual keeps me on task.

So here’s an idea – let’s dance around our creative fires together; post your ritual as a comment and share the mojo!

Come Play in My Art Box

Life is art.  Art is life.  

What could be better than to celebrate it all.  The joyful tic – the skipped beat knocking at the back door of the mind found in paint, paper and the detritus of everyday.

Celebrate it all I say.  Include the decay and break-down along with each new stroke of hand, finger, tip, and tongue slick with the color of yes.  Yes to it all.

This – my stream of consciousness full of the shapes and hues which amuse, bemuse and suffuse me.

Come and play in Rowena’s Art Box.